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Standalone Torch Height Controller for CNC Plasma Cutting

Mar 4, 2021
Plasma Cutter Builds
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Build Complete!

A Torch Height Controller helps improve plasma cut quality and can save a CNC Machine from crashing. This design doesn't require you to know electronics or need any custom circuits... Its plug and play! This is a COMPLETELY standalone controller with a built-in Driver powerful enough to run just about any stepper motor. (maybe a little to powerful for a NEMA17)

Cartesian 3d printer

Jun 19, 2020
Cartesian Style Bots
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

This is the build of a cartesian 3d printer made of an old Anet and Geeeteck, some 2020 alu profil and linear rail. Powered by a Rumba with a Nextion screen. It should be modular and accept dual Extrusion and laser engraving.

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