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      Galvanometers are the basis of volt meters and ammeters. They can be quite cheap. eg: DC0-5A Analog Current Panel Meter Tester Ammeter Gauge Sales Online white - Tomtop

      They're also used for aiming lasers, sold as "galvos", and are typically quite expensive.

      I'm looking to find the midpoint: cheap galvos.

      They're not complicated: one or more coils of wire on an axle, in a magnetic field, with some kind of spring to make it return to a zero point.

      I'm starting with 3d printed parts. iron cores make for better electromagnets, but they're not necessary, so I'm going all plastic. This is my first print. The parts don't fit as well as I want, so I'll have to do a rev 2...
      2018-09-18_20-51-55.JPG 2018-09-18_22-52-19.JPG 2018-09-18_22-52-49.JPG
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        Eventually, I hope to end up with a resin printer like a Form1
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    I thing galvos could/should be cheaper and more accessible.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    6 spool Link see galvosV3-spool.stl
    2 axle Link see galvosV3-axle.stl
    10 magnet wire Link
    2 608 bearings Link
    0 Link
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