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      V-King - Design Benefits
      • High performance design
        • Rigid all V-Slot linear movements
        • Light XY carries for high acceleration and jerk
        • CoreXY linear moving top gantry
        • Big build volume with less frame space
      • Low maintenance design
        • All running V-Wheels
          • No gliding movements with bad bearings/bushings or bent rods
        • All belted movements on XYZ
          • No bad lead screws and nuts causing wobble and backlash
      • Limited complexity
        • Accessible standardized hardware
        • Easy to print the parts
        • Easy to assemble
        • Easy to use
        • Easy to service
      • Using open source firmware and standard components
        • e3d V6 hotend
        • e3d Titan extruder
        • Nema 17 Stepper motors
        • MKS Gen 1.4 Ramps controller
        • Marlin firmware
      V-King Render 25.png

      20180818_184526.jpg 20180823_225527.jpg IMG_20180818_224433_311.jpg

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      1. Special Notes

        More info here:
        V-King CoreXY 3D Printer – The Smoothest Ride!

        For all latest iterations go to the Github Repository
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    Reason for this Build

    The V-King Pro 3d Printer is a CoreXY cubed 3d printer which evolved through an extensive design process starting early 2017

    The idea for the V-King design came when researching the Hypercube 3d printer. Through this phase I came across the KISS CoreXY printer which had some interesting design benefits over the Hypercube by Tech2c

    Using the linear rails in the frame with all rolling parts seemed like a very good idea and the research, design and prototyping started taking place

    The result of this process over about 12 moths is now a tested – fully working model with high quality design and print results

    Inspired by

    Jean-Daniel Begin - KISS CoreXY
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