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      This build will feature magnetic joints, graphite effector rods, and my own mounting system for the E3D V6 hot end in a bowden setup. It is made from parts I have available, so let me know if you have any questions. I will update as I progress.

      UPDATE 2/6/2017:
      When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.... So I have a C Beam XL and now all my solutions seem to flow from plate making.. lol. In an attempt to eliminate the need for the 3D printed parts from this design I am trying to use plates for the joints. Here is a few pictures of my latest attempts:
      View attachment 22182 View attachment 22183 View attachment 22184

      Keep in mind that these are being designed for 80/20 (not V-Slot) and that they are prototypes, therefore I won't be uploading any 3D files or drawings until I've made them and confirmed they fit. The geometry made to slot into the 80/20 will need to be filed to fit but I wanted to attempt to get some extra mechanical support for the verticals without adding any more plates.

      I look forward to your feedback!

      UPDATE 2.7.2017:

      Conducted a test cut of the base plate today on the C Beam XL.

      20170207_150226.jpg 20170207_150230.jpg 20170207_150300.jpg

      UPDATE 2.10.2017:

      So nothing short of a complete redesign here. I have the photos posted in the files section as they are all on my work computer but if you take a look at them you will see that I reduced the profiles to a single type of plate that will be used in all 12 instances. This will allow me focus more closely on actually producing all the parts and less worrying about the particular numbers of plates from a piece of stock. I say this because I am recycling stock that has tapped holes in it and therefore have to plan out the cuts for each piece to account for the geometry. I will probably have to source some of the plate from virgin stock, but my directive is to keep that to a minimum. I know it sounds odd for a build of this size (and eventual mass as the 80/20 is a lot heavier than V-Slot) but this is all for a single print run of probably 12 parts that cant be printed on our existing CubePro Duo. You can all stop booing now...

      I have these NEMA 23 monsters that were going to be used for something else but now will be on this printer. The electronics package will be an Arduino Mega 2560 with a RAMPS 1.4 shield. I am going to source some larger stepper drivers but for now I may end up using my personal TB6600 ebay specials that seem to work ok for me. (Link for those drivers) These are just some drivers that I am testing for viability and at ~$5 they worked for me. I have no affiliation with the seller and am only including the link in case there is interest.

      There is still a fair amount of work to be done on this but if I can finalize the structural components then I can start the milling and building. I tried to include some close ups that may help people see the features of the design, but feel free to ask if you have questions. Also, the joint plates will be silver in color and not black. I only did the black to highlight the plates and make it less stressful on my eyes.

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    I have a single print for which I need a greater Z height than is available in the CubeProDuo
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