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      I call her Crypt-Cube!
      I am using 3 hybrid stepper motors with a built in drive and encoder running 128 micro stepping. All mounts are milled aluminum, all but 2 pulleys are mounted using precision shoulder bolts to eliminate the smallest play. The z-axis is driven with a 12mm ball screw with a 5mm lead.

      As of right now one extruder is bowden style while the other is a custom direct drive. I am planing on using the bowden extruder strictly for support material and utilizing the direct drive for all other filaments.

      The bed is powered by 120v heater while the extruders are using 50w 24v systems.
      Both extruders are E3D Volcano Extruders with Olsson Ruby tips (0.4mm and 0.8mm).

      Though this build is more than half enclosed I am working on designing the back and top cover. (every time I come up with something I change and re-change the design)

      Soon I plan on making the top cover and back access doors to complete this fully enclosed printer.

      I have also noticed that I may have to use another printer and reprint my direct drive extruder in nylon as the heat from the stepper motor us warping the motor mount (not badly but enough I wouldn't trust a long print to not fail with the filament stopping).

      As I said it is still a work in progress but getting close to completion.

      I will add photos of the wiring compartment soon. I am currently in the middle of test printing.

      The doors on this build are magnetic so they stay shut during printing and while not in use. The handles and hardware for the door was 3d printed on another printer.

      Integrated Stepper Servo Motor 2Nm (283 oz-in)
      20190312_213957.jpg 20190312_214003.jpg 20190312_214008.jpg 20190312_214015.jpg 20190312_214021.jpg 20190312_214039.jpg 20190312_214043.jpg 20190312_214108.jpg 20190312_214115.jpg

      Below is a custom direct drive extruder I am working on, currently I am in a testing phase before I print the final in Nylon. So far it is proving reliable.


      Below is the Z axis drive connected to a 12mm diameter ball screw with a 5mm pitch.


      The X and Y drive motors are mounted on the outside of the frame with the wires passing through quick change connectors. I wanted to be able to disconnect and change them if ever needed without opening the case and rewiring back to the duet motherboard.


      Wiring neatly tucked in the Panduit (I should have put the covers on for the photos). The power supplies are a 24v(extruders), 36v(hybrids servos), 5v(duet controller), and a 12v(lighting and some other features not yet installed). The headbed is 110v directly connected with a solid state relay to the controller.
      20190312_214202.jpg 20190312_214215.jpg

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    Seemed like a good idea.
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