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Clear Acrylic Dust Shoe

Mar 17, 2019
Everything Else
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Attaches router with screw clamping. Clear Skirt is 2" long or can be made longer if requested. Works well keeping dust within the chamber. It can be made to fit shapeoko, ox cnc, workbee, xcarve, 6040, laguna,piranha, millright etc. with similar setup including Bosh, Makita , dewalt 611 routers or spindles.

CBeam OX

Dec 30, 2016
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Build in Progress...

i wanted to use both the ox and the C beam C beam for the gantry because its stronger i also made the gantry 20 mm higher so i can cut thinker material i will maybe later go to rack& pinion on the 1500 mm Y axes also instead of the V wheels i will maybe go to hiwin in the furture

eeYZee Router

Aug 18, 2016
Other Style CNC Mills
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The first criteria was portability, the second was cutting out a sheet of ply, the third was the ability to shape a foam surfboard blank, but the main criteria was a small budget.


Feb 15, 2015
Cartesian Style CNC
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A bigger OX. As this build is nothing new I will detail my build process, I am not an experienced builder, this will maybe help someone else. The size of the bOX will be 100cmx75cm. I will use aluminium plates, a tinyG, and most probably only open source / free software.

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