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      Hey there,
      I'm Chris from YouTube and that's my OP C-Beam XL build. For now this is just a build diary but further down the road when I acquired more knowledge and skill I'll try to film a few good rundowns and tutorials.

      OP stands for overpowered because the massive steppers will probably annihilate the tiny lead screws if I ever run into an error.

      Unboxing the kit:

      Building the frame:

      Lead screws, couplings & motors:

      Build plate & angle hack:

      Mounting the 1.5kW spindle:

      First wiring & test drives:

      Wiring the motors & drivers, spindle & VFD, arduino & GRBL:

      Spindle speed control with GRBL:

      Electrical noise keeps triggering the limit switches:

      Going for shielded cables & setting up the home cycle:

      First 2D plot & DIY G-Code tests:

      More videos coming soon
      - build plate leveling
      - first 3d milling tests
      - tool selection

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