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      This cam slider with rotation is a prototype for my next CNC project, here is the video on Youtube, how i made this rig in about 3 hours.
      It is a prototype to find out what is important for a good slider with rotation.

      I will build the fine version after a few tests with my CNC milling machine and strong materials.
      Here you can see how i assemble the prototype without a plan. I have researched the function with the adjustable rotation previously in another Youtube video.
      The result is quite useful, but the slider could be more compact and the resistance when sliding, especially with rotation, should be minimized so that the video images can be taken smoothly without jerks. Samples are at the end of the step by step video on the top link.
      First video with the slider, presentation of the workshop, will be uploaded soon.
      CNC milled slider is in planning with video! I will then drive it with a motor with a transmission over a belt, so I can make time-lapse motion videos as well.

      Construction made of wood
      Carriage with ball bearing
      Approx. 65cm way and the rotation can be adjusted up to 2 whole revolutions in both directions.
      Rubber band rotating motion drive and transfer with a threaded rod as rack
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I build it as a prototype. I will make some tests and build a precision cam slider with my CNC mill when i got enough experience, soon.

    Inspired by

  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    6 ball bearing Link some old ones
    1 plywood Link for the construction
    2 rubber band Link
    1 4mm treaded rod Link transmutation for the linear to rotational motion
    2 square with a slot hole Link for adjusting the rotation
    2 wooden round bar 8mm diameter Link guidance for the linear to rotation transmitting
    1 wooden round bar Link axis for the camera platform
    0 Link
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