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      Instead of a table the X axis is a feed roller, the Y Z is a fixed gantry across the X axis,

      X axis feed rollers can take unlimited lengths,
      so far adjustable guides/supports for 8 foot sheets of ply,
      the X feed rollers can be adjusted vertically 150 mm,
      Y takes up to 4 foot wide sheet of ply across the gantry,
      Z router has 100 mm vertical movement,
      the table can be lowered to fit thicker stock.

      Print.pdf is an early drawing of this machine. Much effort went into the carriage and making it solid.
      First bearings were PTFE pads. I then changed to skateboard bearings. Now I have a combination of the two.
      The machine is constructed in aluminium, the frame has 100X50X6, 80X50X6 and 50X50X6 square and rectangular tube 6mm thick. It was initially bolted together. When I was happy with the design I took it to a welder, making the basic structure solid. Some sections remained bolted to allow for assembly or adjustment. The carriage is welded up 6mm aluminium plate with lots of gussets, minimal flex !
      Carriage1.pdf and carriage4.pdf show how it was beefed up. It is amazing how much a router can flex. The carriage currently has more stiffening than is shown, I'll update my drawings soon.
      Plan.pdf doesn't show the X axis feed rollers which went through a number of changes. Now has upper and lower stepper motor driven feed rollers for accurate feed of heavier stock. 4 rubber rollers across the 4 foot width.
      At present I have a cheap router in the machine-head but am planning on a flexible drive and proper router motor mounted on the gantry. After that will be a CO2 cutting laser.

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      1. Special Notes

        It looks simple enough but has taken years and many changes to develop to where it is now.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    A few years ago I built my first wooden surfboard with very simple hand tools. I'm an electronics technician and thought a router would be a fun way to build future boards, and it has been.

    Inspired by

    I looked at many other routers but haven't seen the X feed roller to date. If anyone knows of others doing this please drop a line.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    4 Nema 24 430 oz/in stepper motors http://oceancontrols.com.au/MOT-128.html Link chunky steppers, haven't failed me yet
    4 ND556 pure-sinusoidal stepper driver http://oceancontrols.com.au/SMC-004.html Link working well, using 1600 microsteps per rev
    1 KTA-205 parallel port controller http://oceancontrols.com.au/KTA-205.html Link now g-code buffered with GRBL usb buffer
    1 GRBL running on an Arduino Uno https://github.com/grbl/grbl Link going great
    0 Link
    0 Link
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