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My first CNC - The C-Beam Basic

Sep 14, 2016
X/Y Table Style CNC Mill
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I am a newbie and this is my first build. After hours and hours of research I decided on the C-Beam. I will be changing one or two things but I will basically be building this as per Mark's video.


Sep 3, 2015
Cartesian Style CNC
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Build in Progress...

ANOTHER OX!~ Huge Thanks to Marc Carew and Open Builds. The primary reason I am building this CNC mill is to aid in my homemade snowboard creation. I am going to try and document as much of everything as I can and post it here to help others going a similar route. I know from past projects that taking the time to document each step can be tedious when you want to charge ahead but I will try! I hoping to get feedback on my design choices and set up as I am a complete newbie to CNC.


Feb 15, 2015
Cartesian Style CNC
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A bigger OX. As this build is nothing new I will detail my build process, I am not an experienced builder, this will maybe help someone else. The size of the bOX will be 100cmx75cm. I will use aluminium plates, a tinyG, and most probably only open source / free software.

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