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INDY-TR12 CNC (12mm Diameter Lead Screws)

Jun 7, 2019
Cartesian Style CNC
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TR12x3 screws, M8 wheel sets, a draw built into the design, an electronics set built onto the kit, back brace to stop C-Beam twist.

Build #2 - Bigger & Stronger

Jan 11, 2018
X/Y Table Style CNC Mill
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Large format CNC router with a 1500mm x 3000mm cutting envelope (5 x 10 ft) strong enough to cut wood and aluminum constructed from 20-series and 40-series aluminum extrusions. Complete Project Log w/ Pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/Co81AvGwVijE2zow9

DutziDelta RepStrap

Nov 2, 2015
Delta Bots
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Fascinated for some time by 3D Printing. Now, after studying countless forum posts, blogs and similiar stuff, i want to Start with my own build. Maybe a bit much but usually i thrive with the challenge.

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