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      This is my latest project, a new CNC router with a larger cutting envelope (1500mm x 3000mm / approx 5 by 10 ft) and strong enough to cut wood and aluminum constructed from a mixture of 20-series extrusions in the frame (from OpenBuilds) and some 40-series extrusions (in the gantry) from 80/20.

      20171228_174223.jpg 20171224_194327.jpg 20171227_142307.jpg 20171228_155632.jpg 20171223_170034.jpg

      Here's links to a couple of videos that I took while calibrating. (You can see my build log for more)

      Z-Axis: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sXxNwl731n0L1g8x1
      Y-Axis: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hzHeRSk8Lj1raUh23
      Initial Checkout: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5zsYLl3gG2OKgr7m2 (Linear gears not yet lubricated or tuned in this video)


      UPDATE 2018-01-10 - The project is pretty complete at this point.
      • Everything is wired up and the machine is working with Mach3, although I still need to add some limit sensors. I've simply been waiting for it not to be 5 degrees in my workshop to do it!
      • I've also been thinking about whether to invest in a new spindle such as one of those cheap chinese models to replace my SuperPid-enhanced Bosch 1617EVS router... perhaps something in the 2K to 5K horsepower range... does anyone have any opinions about that?? At some point I'd like to make or buy an automatic tool changer and I'm wondering what (affordable) spindle I could get that might be compatible with that idea.
      • One last major item-- okay, two items, but they're related. One is to put together a complete documentation package on the machine which will include CAD drawings, Bill of Materials, electronics / wiring schematics, and detailed notes on setting up / configuring Mach 3. The other item is to completely re-make all of the manually fabricated parts using the machine itself using the CAD drawings to obtain more precision.
      Want to See More?? You can see more of this machine along with lots of photos and commentary in the project log which goes into more depth regarding the various aspects of the build, issues encountered in building and whatever else is going through my mind at the time.

      Project Log: https://goo.gl/photos/Co81AvGwVijE2zow9


      2017-11-07 - Added last essential fabricated piece and mounted router spindle. Now the focus is turning to getting everything wired up and rebuilding the control electronics enclosure. The machine is not quite finished yet but is getting very close now. I'm at around the 90-95% point with the wiring and rebuilding the control electronics as the major outstanding items to complete.

      2017-10-22 - REACHED A MAJOR MILESTONE!!! I am able to see light at the end of the tunnel. All of the major framework is complete, the gantry is built, and the motors are attached. For the first time since I started, it feels like this thing might actually work!!

      2017-09-12 - Construction underway. I have constructed the gantry, added the X-axis rails and the project is moving along.
      1. Special Notes

        I have added a list detailing the primary parts and suppliers I've used at the bottom of my Project Log. While not an actual BOM, it provides a reasonably complete accounting for the parts.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - CC BY NC

    Reason for this Build

    I needed a CNC router which can cut larger sheet goods as well as one which is stronger and stiffer that can better cut metal (aluminum, etc)

    Inspired by

    Obviously the OX, and countless other CNC projects on the web. I also built my own version of the OX which you can see in many of the photos, as well as the build log which is also on this site.
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