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      Hello friends, I am in a design with 1600 oz Nema 34 or 115kg torque motors, weighing approximately 5Kg each + 0.7 of a nema23 motor for the Z axis, and a 2.2Kw spindle that weighs 5.5Kg + 2Kg from other parts in the X axis In total an approximate of 24Kg in the X Axis counting the 2 plates with motors in the Y axis... Like The picture: [​IMG]
      Then before of Build the MAchine I need your opinion or experience with 20x80 V-Slot Rails, I only need to know if the X axis will support with 2 extrusions or I will have to put another one, I will upload pictures of the assembly! :D


      Do you have any table on the maximum weight for profiles 20x80 of length of 1500mm?
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