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    1. William (Bill) McConnon
      4 /5,
      I really like the design especially the additional beam on the gantry to help prevent twisting. The included electronics drawer is unique. The use of larger bolts and lead screw seems like a sound idea, although I have no idea how much the M5 bolts actually flex. Has anyone ever tested this or ran and Finite Element Analysis? Just curious.
    2. MFCarew
      5 /5,
      Great looking build David, thank you for sharing.
    3. bodgit&scarper
      5 /5,
      Very nice clean build quality, love the use of M12 lead screws as I totally agree that in longer machines M8 lead screws are far to flexible. M12 is what I will be using on my next build ( 1500 x 1000 ). Thanks for heads up.
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