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Hot Wire 4 Axis CNC Foam cutter

Nov 14, 2017
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This build uses drawer slides and thread rod to create foam wings and fuselages by passing a hot wire through the foam which makes very accurate shapes. I built a Radio Controlled SuperVC10 using foam but did have a cnc machine then so I had to make many templates to guide the hot wire. This inspired me to build a cnc hot wire cutter. Works really well and have made several RC models with it now

CNC Hotwire Foam Cutter

Oct 21, 2014
Everything Else
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Here is my first ever CNC build. A CNC Hotwire Foam Cutter. I will update about achievements. I would love to read from you guys - advices, ideas. Especially regarding the electronics. I feel confident with the hardware part which I can't say about the electronics part.

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