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      I was working on a self-built RC-Boat and the base material is XPS Polystyrol. It is a foam like syropor but very stronger. So it need to be cutted, but how?

      For this materials you need to cut using the hot wire. It is a resistance wire which will be very hot by suppling with high power.

      Using of a LiPo Battery anable you to be portable. I also give you high current, which is very neseccery by this application.

      I think, the best way to tell you how you can do it is by showing you the pictures.

      **The numbers are the items numbers from the parts list**

      2-.jpg 3-.jpg 4-.jpg 5-.jpg 6-.jpg 7.jpg


      The making is realy not difficult. When you want to ask something, tell me by commenting.

      I hope it help you. Best regards,
      Mohsen Abbasi

      1. Special Notes

        It is easy. See the pictures and the comments in the Parts list.

        I will use a switch to bower on and off. Use a good switch.
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    Reason for this Build

    I needed a foam cutter to cut Polystyrol for a self-built boat. I did not want to pay a lot of money and could not find a portable cutter. That's why I built it myself.
  • Attached Files:

    Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    2 Wooden Square Bar 20x40x150 Link
    1 Wooden Square Bar 20x20x450 Link
    1 Resistance Wire (5.65 Ω/m) 1m Link
    1 Tension Spring 20x7 Link It has to have curved ends
    2 Ring OR Hook Screw Link
    1 Cable 60cm Link As a strong single cable or multi thin cables connected together
    2 Wood Screw 15x Link
    4 Wood Screw 40x Link
    1 Nail Link
    2 Double Screw terminal Link One is to connect the plag with the cable and another one to be cutted and separate to connect each cable side with the hot wire.
    1 LiPo Battery 3S 11.1V Link
    1 Compatible Battery Plug Link