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Desktop 4-Axis Nema 23

Apr 6, 2018
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

This build is specific to a furniture design I am trying to bring to market. My first attempt to build a machine. I have looked at other build submissions to help me figure out where I would like to start. The workable volume should 36" W x 6" D x 6" T. The goal is to become more comfortable with the electronics side of machines I enjoy using and also lower the cost of my product by reducing man hours in the manufacturing process. Yay!

CNC Router Lathe

Feb 11, 2018
Other Style CNC Mills
Build Progress
Build Complete!

Steel square tube frame with dual feed gantry and indexing lathe section. Will have 36" x 30" x 6" travel. Has a Harmonic Drive on the 4th Axis.

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