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CNC Router Lathe

Feb 11, 2018
Other Style CNC Mills
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Steel square tube frame with dual feed gantry and indexing lathe section. Will have 36" x 30" x 6" travel. Has a Harmonic Drive on the 4th Axis.

All in One Grill -Mangal Schaschlik Döner

Aug 17, 2014
Build Progress
Build Complete!

I create for some Years this all in one Grill. This Grill is without wellding, only fixed with screws. My Grill is 5 years old and look so, as at the first day (no moving away). The drawings and discription (sorry only in German, but with some pictures) to Download as PDF file. The unwindings to Download as DXF and GEO (Trumpf Laser) file. Have fun to build and Grill

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