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      This is an acros build. I kind of like customizing it. Eventually I want to build star plots with it.

      I added wire tracks to hide the wires. (Got the tracks of amazon)

      I also wanted the ability to raise / lower the bed so I added 250 mm long 20x20 legs. Tracks didn't fit below the original motors, also eventually i want to put an air bed under the laser to reduce smoke / flames.

      I designed and printed one of the leg connectors in fusion 360.
      [​IMG][​IMG]2040x20x20 Leg v7.f3d

      However if I do it over again I would end up using the black Cube corner connects OpenBuilds sells. for joining 3 20x20's together. Kind of expensive though.

      I added an Z axis from banggood for about 45 dollars. Its wide enough to support both the laser, and a pen holder I got from Eleks for 15 dollars.
      The laser is 150 dollar 5 watt laser I got from banggod for 150.


      Seems to work well enough. Still calibrating it. There is a little button on the ttl controller board that puts out a very low pwm to the laser. Focus the dot until it looks good, then run the laser across the X axis on a ramp.
      Find out where the dot is the smallest and set the Z height to that.


      I ordered some expensive goggles with OD6 protection from survivallaserusa. Link is here.
      This laser kind of scares me so im going to be installing 2 side sheets of protective shielding from jtech.

      Also I will be cleaning up the wiring to the controller board more, and adding a airbed in the future.

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    Eventually want to laser cutout star plots
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