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Arizona OpenBuilds MiniMill CNC

Jan 1, 2018
X/Y Table Style CNC Mill
Build Progress
Build Complete!

I ordered the OpenBuilds MiniMill from the OpenBuilds Parts Store http://openbuildspartstore.com/ They were out of Motors and Electronics when I ordered so I had to source these items elsewhere. But it turned out well doing it this way.

Hot Wire 4 Axis CNC Foam cutter

Nov 14, 2017
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This build uses drawer slides and thread rod to create foam wings and fuselages by passing a hot wire through the foam which makes very accurate shapes. I built a Radio Controlled SuperVC10 using foam but did have a cnc machine then so I had to make many templates to guide the hot wire. This inspired me to build a cnc hot wire cutter. Works really well and have made several RC models with it now

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