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      Here's my latest build with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter.
      Crashed my old wing so built a new one and its better than the old one. Check out the videos showing the full build in 3 parts. Foam cores, spars and covering right through to the maiden flight. New video up later this week showing some on-board footage as well

      Full details are on my website as well as an eBook with plans, instructions and parts list
      How to build a Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter - rcKeith

      The build of the CNC hot wire foam cutting machine isn’t difficult just measure twice and cut once as the saying goes. The website has the build instructions, plans and main parts you’ll need as well as the cutting lists. The controller board and the stepper I’d recommend you buy as a kit including the power supply. Loads on Ebay, just search for a 4 axis CNC kit. I’ve included all the details of my machine so if you follow this you should be able to build your own.
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    Hot wire cutting by hand is OK but requires many templates which take time to make. So I built this CNC hot wire foam cutter to eliminate the templates. I always wanted to build a CNC machine but never though it possible. If I can do so can you.

    Inspired by

    Youtube seeing what was possible.
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