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Swing Arm

Dec 10, 2020
Everything Else
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Simple Swing Arm Build for the Modular Table Series. Create a simple vacuum swing arm that swings over your machine keeping your vacuum hose and router cord, etc. up and out of the way

Textile Drawing Machine

May 4, 2018
Other Style DrawBot
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Textile Drawing Machine is a drawing machine thought specifically to draw on textile. Unlike other CNC machine it's dimensions follow the standard textile dimensions (1500mm) and it's on wheels to allow to draw on an unlimited area. TDM has been developed for the project Digital Wax Print, a self initiated research project, carried out by The Future Continuous, a collabration between Olivia De Gouveia and Eugenia Morpurgo.

Need a catchy name - enlarging CNC

Mar 27, 2017
Cartesian Style CNC
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The aim of this build is to have a CNC that can cut a FULL sheet of wood when I need it to, but also shrink down and cut smaller sheets the rest of the time. The prototype is based on an OX cnc but soon it will be completely custom using Openbuilds Parts

3D Printer - Big Size

Feb 14, 2014

I creat a open source 3D Printer to print big things. Print size: 400x500x300 mm. You can download the Drawing in PDF and in Inventor 2013 format. The unwinding drawings are also included. I take some detail photos for a better understanding.

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