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      6/17/2020 Update
      To avoid confusion, I deleted the older version of these design files from the Files tab & have them only on thingiverse at: Rolling Plotter with lots of Possibilities by GeoDave . I am also adding a spacer between the bearings in the wheels which should solve my wheel binding problem. Someone on V1Engineering site pointed out this solution to me. After I finish printing the newer version of the wheels, I will test it out again.

      4/14/2020 Update
      I uploaded the files to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4287150 today. I included the fusion 360 files, a sketchup file of the assembly, all the STL files, a build guide & BOM.

      3/16/2020 Update
      I attached a zip file to the files tab of the1st version of STL files & test file of BOM list for this build.

      2/26/2020 Update
      Think I have worked out all the design problems for this except for the servo connection to the pen movement. I had to lower the location of the wheels by 10mm because of the X-axis belt interference with the pulleys. 5mm might have been enough, but gave it a little extra for comfort zone. The X minimum limit switch I just placed in the design & will just make a simple mount for that for now. Looks like I will get around 35" of x-axis with 1 meter extrusions with current configuration. I switched the tires to use #327 O-rings instead of the 3d printed TPU. I am showing the model with 300mm length V-slot for better visibility of all the parts & have that as a variable length in the design in case I want to change it for viewing.
      This is my attempt at making a rolling plotter. I am just getting started with the design & think I have the Y-axis movement worked out. The wheels are currently 3D printed plastic 60mm diameter with an 88 tooth timing pulley along the center of the wheels. I used 60mm 3D Printed Wheel to get the starting point for the profile for these wheels. Each wheel is 3 printed parts, the main plastic wheel & 2 TPU plastic printed tires. I will use 2- 2020 V-slot for the X-axis starting with 500mm lengths & move to 1meter lengths after the bugs have been worked out. There shouldn't be much weight on the X-axis 2020's, so it seems like they would be sufficient. The drive belt for each side is a closed loop 444mm length GT2 belt. The only place I have found them so far is China site on ebay. I have 6mm height tension adjustment with the motor & can add some adjustment for the bottom center idler. I initially did not have that center idler in there, but thought the belt might rub on the ground. There is probably only .5mm-1mm clearance of the belt hitting the ground which is if it is tight should be enough. If not, I can make the TPU tires a little thicker. Looks like the other rolling bots listed on this site are using around 100mm wheels which I would guess gives better resolution. I could make them 100mm or any size that fits on my printer, but will start with 60mm for now. At 100mm diameter the tooth count would probably be around 152. I am not sure what the step settings will be for the Y-axis, but should be able to calibrate it with some trial & error.
      Here are some screen shots of the current design.
      RollingPrinter_60mm_88tWheels_Side_View.jpg RollingPrinter_60mm_88tWheels_Top_View.jpg RollingPrinter_60mm_88tWheels_Front_View.jpg RollingPrinter_60mm_88tWheels.jpg
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    To plot large drawings
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