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      We're in the process of building a brewery.

      We have 3 nice stainless steel tanks, 2x 300L (mash and boiler) and 1x 100L (HLT).
      Most of the element will be wired and controlled by a PLC. It's not very opensource but since I use them in my day job I'm way more efficient with this kind of stuff than the arduino/raspberry coding.

      But back to the supports:
      The idea is to build 3 modules of 1x1m so we can move them easily to clean and maintenance.
      The main challenge is the weight. The supports needs the hold about 350Kg (tank full + electrical component). The the floor is not level I need adjustable feet.
      I started with 20x80 profiles placed vertically. Here's the first version:

      Left to right:
      100L tank with space under for pumps and valves.
      300L mash tank. The structure is for a small hoist because there is a motorized mixer on the top of the tank who need to be removed during cleaning.
      The 4 linear actuators are a concept for lift the tank (only when empty of water) so we don't have to crawl to access the hatch and remove the malt. When the tank is full the actuator are locked all way down.
      300L for boiling is quite simple.


      Mash tank without lifting function.

      I use the v slot load calculator regarding the weight on a single 20x80 profiles but I'm a lit lost with the results: with a 350kg on 1 meter distributed load:
      Deflection X 271.56 mm
      Deflection Y 18.53 mm

      I suppose it flex down of 18.5mm if I put 350Kg on a single profile ? I may need help about that.
      Do you think the 3 profiles on my design will hold the weight ?

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