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      All Units are in MM

      Physical Dimensions
      Min Size 250x1500
      Max Size 3250x1500
      Average Size 1500x1500

      Steppers 425oz Nema 23
      Drivers M542t
      Controller LinuxCNC running on ITX Motherboard

      Laser OptLaser PLH3D 6W
      Kress 1050 FME-1

      Guest Bedroom in my Apartment in Berlin, Germany

      Latest Status Updates
      18.03.2017 - I decided to finally write this build page as this has been a work in progress for a while.

      27.03.2017 - Well, The x axis has been almost done for about a month, I was working through some issues with the y axis but that is all finished now. The base is complete and now I'm getting started on the electrical side of things. For the prototype I am building only one section (out of the 3 final) so that is what you see in the pics.


      X Y (section 1) & Z are complete!

      60mm of Z Travel... Will have to increase gantry plate height for v1

      This is the cross section, and other sections will join to this face. How they're going to be secured and aligned is still being fine tuned.


      Time for the electrical work. Yes everything is hanging off the back, No its not causing too much flex, yes that is a Mini-ITX board running LinuxCNC, no I didnt find any other controller that gives me the flexibility I need.

      I know the machine is on the floor. Its in my guest bedroom and I havent built a table yet. It has adjustable feet in either corner to get it level. And it will probably stay like this till I move into a proper workshop.


      The Background
      I am a Tech Guy but I've always loved working with wood. So when I moved into our apartment in March 2016 with my then Girlfriend (now wife) I promised her I would build the furniture myself instead of going to Ikea.

      I came up with a great design Idea for furniture and built some prototypes. The idea was so great that we both agreed we should build them and sell them. But doing all the work with hand tools is not possible so I decided to convert my Circular saw into a table saw... Then we had the Idea of laser engraving all of the items so its nicely branded... So I bought a 3D Printer and was planning to make a MPCNC (Mostly Printed CNC). After messing with the 3D printing for a while (and getting amazing results) I decided that a small CNC would be a waste, I might as well GO BIG and use the machine to do all the cutting for me.

      The Problem with that: Limited Budget & Limited Space
      How did I overcome the problems (I'm a consultant by profession so this was easy)?
      For the budget problem - Instead of buying a big kit from CNCRouterParts and shipping it to Germany I decided to build an OX CNC - For the space problem - I decided to make the unit Modular so it can grow/shrink in length (No Penile jokes please :D )

      So thats the backgound.

      What is the Machine?

      V 0.5 is based on an OX CNC (V1 will have different plates/setup) but the difference is that the base comes in 3 sections, one 250mm and 2 1500mm. The sections can be attached together as and when I need more length. To accomplish this I had to rethink the whole base of the OX and I found a solution that should work smoothly.
      But why a 250mm Section? So I can move the Gantry on it, then remove the other 1500mm section... That way when I dont need the machine for a while (and I need the room for other purposes) my cnc will have a floor footprint of only 250x1500mm... Hardly noticable!
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I need a CNC that will fit my needs, or should I say will grow and shrink according to my needs and also be Storable as I do not have the luxury of a workshop.
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