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CubeSpawn Ultimaker 3D Printer Module

Sep 15, 2015
Cartesian Style Bots
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This 3D printer is an implementation of the Ultimaker 3D printer Using the Modular approach, many of the parts from the CubeSpawn 3 axis mill translate straight across into this design, so adding new concepts should go quicker

H-Bot CoreXY Cube with Fixed Build Plate

Apr 21, 2015
H-Bot and Core XY
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Use of V-Slot for frame and rails with option to use identical 500mm uncut lengths: 8 * 20x60 x 500mm 8 * 20x40 x 500mm 7 * 20x20 x 500mm (2 cut into four identical 125mm pieces for filament holders) Use of uncut 500mm rails obtained through use of 12 joining plates for use as spacers. Alternate approach is to trim two 20x40 and 1 20x20 rail by 6-8mm each. Build volume ~400mm cubed (with dual extruders). Use of only openbuilds components! Currently in design phase...

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