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      I am in the process of designing and building an H-Bot Core xy type 3D printer with a 400x400x400mm build volume and fixed build plate. Another key design attribute is that all of the moving mechanisms can fit within the frame for easy addition of panels for a temperature controlled build area. Lots of other robust design attributes - check it out...
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        Another design feature is easy access/change of filament spools and the ability to enclose the filament spools. By enclosing the spools and constructing a built-in filament dryer, water absorption can be addressed prior to printing.
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    Reason for this Build

    To help teach my kids how to build things and to provide a 3D printing resource for the First Robotics team that I coach.

    Inspired by

    H-Bot CoreXY Cube Build in 'H-Bot' published by Giuliano M, Jan 8, 2015.