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Sep 3, 2019
Cartesian Style CNC
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Heavily upgrading my 1200x500 Shapeoko 2... ...er, wait, scratch that... Building an all new machine, roughly the same size, that should be more rigid than a Shapeoko 3!

frugal-ist workbee

May 3, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
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a 1000x1000 acme screw workbee built as frugally as possible. thanks so much to ooznest and openbuilds :)

Gantry CNC - Decisions made only to change over and over.

Jan 11, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
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Build Complete!

This is my first CNC build. As per the norm, I went in with months of research, planning, and resource gathering tied neatly together with a solid plan. As the path went on, the plan continued to change to accommodate issues I hadn't counted on. But, at the end of the road, the project reached completion, and I learned a ton along the way!

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