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      I have been looking to build a CNC machine for a while, one that I could place in my local school so that it could be used by the engineering students. As well as for my after-school engineering club. After many months of searching I came upon the OX, I thought that was going to be the choice I made. Then, in the middle of a volleyball game I receive a notification. The notification that the OpenBuilds masterminds had created a new product. At first it didn't seem like much until I realized I had just found I way to improve the already amazing OX.
      This new machine takes everything I wanted in a CNC and combines it together. Look at the features section to see why. After some work, i'm proud to release the:

      OpenBuilds CAndC
      Open Source CNC Router Build
      By: Conn Widtfeldt
      Based on work by Mark Carew
      I named it the CAndC due to the fact that it uses C-Beam, and my name is Conn. It seemed to fit. ;)


      • Large cutting area - 750mm x 750mm - can be customized to fit your needs.
      • Super strong movement - ACME threaded rods for accuracy and strength.
      • Taller Z-Axis - Allows for more depth, etc.
      • Cut surfaces you cant fit on the cutting area - Remove the spoiler board, and use the long Z-Axis to cut materials to big to fit on the machine.
      • And More! That I cant remember at the moment...
      Build Videos

      I will be adding build videos when I have saved enough money to build the machine. I work with a professional videographer who has volunteered to help make some sexy looking build videos.

      Thanks for reading! I hope that I can make this a reality and get it in to your hands ASAP!

      Website - Work in Progress!

      3D Viewer

      More Information Coming Soon!

      1. Special Notes

        Tell me if you build one!
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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    Needed a strong, CNC, will good repeat-ability. Then, C-Beam was released during my search. So, I decided to make my own!

    Inspired by

    Mark Carews OX CNC
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    1 Parts list coming soon! http://www.patience-is-a-virtue.org/ Link
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