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      This will be my first build! I am an avid woodworker/furniture maker and have managed to do everything from making simple projects to complete buildings such as my new two story workshop. of late I have been making new furniture for my home, this has been a real joy and a step and good learning curve especially as most of my tools are in storage and in boxes somewhere so I have had to rely on getting the most out of the only two routers that I can find and a complete lack of clamps, so its been fun. now I want to remake them but with carved sides and end panels which I normally would do with a handheld trim router, but after coming across a couple of YouTube videos I thought that making one of these would be really useful, not just for carving intricate scroll-work into wood, but also as I have found out recently, they can be used for metal and PCB etching, both which interest me much.

      So this will not be a fast build, being retired funds are very tight and I am aiming to purchase a Kit from Ooznest in the UK in small parts as and when I can afford them.

      It has taken me the last 3 months to work out what I actually wanted, although here in the UK there is not exactly a lot to pick from, I did start my hunting much further afield. In the end I worked out that I needed the following from a CNC Machine.

      1. I needed it to be very accurate, so Belt operation would not do, it would have to be ACME Screws.

      2. The minimum Size for me would have to be 1000m square, the panels that I want to work on will be around 800mm.

      3. Initially I am wanting a unit that will work with a DeWalt router but later with a dedicated spindle router.

      4. This is a big ask, but I am hoping to find a way to increase the bed length to 2000mm and still be screw driven to allow me to use this to carve out Bed Frames.

      So where does this start....​

      The Parts list

      I have managed to download the documentation from Ooznest website but before I can start to order stuff I need to work out what actruly needs to be ordered, thus a parts list that I can check off, so this is the next hunt for me, find a parts list that I can import into Microsoft Excel, I have managed to locate one for the 750x750 belt driven version which will do at a start but I need to try and find out whats different and either update this list or find a different version, hopefully I can find what I want here.

      to be continued...
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