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Black Rabbit 1500

Sep 2, 2016
Cartesian Style CNC
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This is a router that I designed that is loosely based on the Openbuilds Ox, but designed to be heavy duty, rigid, and yet quick and agile.

X Y Table OpenRail / V-Slot Build Examples

Sep 28, 2015
Everything Else

The X/Y table system is a great starting point for many CNC projects giving you the ability to move an object on the X and Y axis in a simple compact style.

Openbuilds V slot Rail extrusion retrofits for Lulzbot 4/5 Taz Printers (X, Y and Z axis)

Jun 20, 2016
Cartesian Style Bots
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This project shows how to use Openbuilds Vv slot extrusions and wheels to retrofit a Lulzbot Taz 4 or 5 printer. These modifications improve layer consistency, eliminate nozzle and bed sag, and allow for larger toolhead mounting. Project updates and newer accessory files may be located at http://www.thingiverse.com/piercet/designs

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