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      It started out as a parts kit for the eShapeOko from MakerSlideEurope. The open end plates and gantry plates were spray coated silver and the aluminium parts anodised hard coat or silver. The dual 495mm MakerSlide lengths spec'd for the Y became a dual X gantry. 743mm long dual Y. I mounted the MakerSlide back to back making the whole thing dimensionally stable in the Y plane of the section, drilled through 1 piece of MakerSlide and fixed them with a 25mm SHSC and a T-Nut 3 per side, OpenRail mounted top and bottom on the back. All 6 V's are usable.
      The plates supplied by MakerSlideEurope (eShapeOko) don't mach the footprint of a Standard MakerSlide carriage plate so I used OpenBuild 20mm Standard plates rotated 45 degrees on the inside of the carriage. I could have machined a plate that matches the footprint of the eShapeOko plate but there is no twist.
      I used 540mm V-Slot at each end along the X axis bolted to the endplates with the idea that the whole unit could move along a 2M piece of MakerSlide giving a 600 x 1700 machinable area without moving the work.
      As a printer I should get a 310 x 560 long footprint. I've run it up with RAMPS 1.4 but before tackling a hot end and heated bed I want raise it up to give me 500mm height.
      With a dual extruder (QUBD) that tucks under the Y, I could get 400mm wide. The test fit worked.


      The printer has been hanging out at the Build Brighton hackspace for a few weeks. Lots of discussion has ended...
      Tool changer - Design & Drawing
      Raised up - 375mm
      Scaffold and alu box sub frame.
      Dexion cage.

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    Reason for this Build

    I built the router as a I had a project that required machining 600mm wide boards.
    The requirements changed: 600mm became 900mm.

    Inspired by

    ShapeOko & eShapeOko
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