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      Knock up for a customer, I cannot detail the application yet but working out how to mount OpenRail to a 19" rackmount was a proper lightbulb moment.

      Rackmount cabinets normally have a 2 fixing strips (left and right) in the plane of the front panel which forms a lip for securing the item. And another running in the plane of the side, to mount a sub cage to.

      IMG_4149.JPG IMG_4150.JPG IMG_4151.JPG

      Salvaged 19" rackmount, OpenRail inside! Bed 450 sq.
      The top of this box has is open with the equivalent of the front panel fixing strips.

      Powder fed, sequential layer deposition.

      Stainless steel base plate inside a powder tub. The tub is quite shallow for this application.

      Rear perspex cover
      Top cover
      Front sliding door - powder loader.

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        LOGIC STUFF... make_contact (rod touches powder surface) when load_sensor == threshold_value then switch relay transformer contact_relay 100A @ .25 seconds lift head
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    4 400 OR Link
    2 488 MS Link
    4 plates Link
    8 wheel kits Link
    4 ESPACE Link
    40 No:10 UNC 1/2" SHSC Link
    1 411 VS40 Link gantry
    1 Rackmount Box Link Referb - ex ind. amp housing
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