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Ball Trajectory Machine

Nov 23, 2018
Everything Else
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Need to build a machine that accurately positions objects for processing by a computer vision algorithm? Here is an example of a machine that does that for a ball trajectory application. The black anodized V-rails work well for applications in optics and imaging where the machine needs to stay out of the limelight.

Voxel OX with Helix Gear Z Transmission (single z motor)

Jun 4, 2018
Cartesian Style Bots
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This is a modification I made to my Voxel Ox 3D Printer Z axis, which synchronizes the Z leadscrews via a shaft and helical gear transmission. It prevents the two Z leadscrew from getting out of adjustment relative to each other, and uses a single Z motor instead of two. This build is just documenting the specific changes I have made to the Z-axis, since the frame and other axes are still from the original Voxel Ox design.

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