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The Plastic Beast CoreXY Printer

Feb 28, 2018
Build Progress
Build Complete!

In my opinion, this is the easiest and most complete tutorial to walk you through building a large platform 3D printer and the Sketchup File is included for you to make any changes needed.. The Plastic Beast is a CoreXY Printer with a build platform of 440mm square. You can print 600mm or about 23 inches diagonal. Any level of user from novice to expert should gain something from my tutorial.

1.4 meter tall build height, 300x410mm build plate cartesian

Mar 26, 2017
Cartesian Style Bots
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

The original plan was to build a 3d printer with a 1200x1200 build platform with a 600mm build height. I was having issues getting ahold of a large enough borosilicate glass plate for the build so I decided to go for build height. I plan on using a smoothieboard for the controller. The build has currently slowed down. I was removing a broken drillbit from the linear rail mount, and it shattered and took out my eye. I am doing what I can when I can focus my eyes long enough for the build.

L'FOX - Large Format OX deriviative. Designed and built by Revision 13 Prototypes

Mar 9, 2017
Laser Cutter Builds
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

This build is for a testing rig to use while testing out different controller boards and CAM software for milling and routing. It is in the early stages, planning is complete, parts are ordered. Awaiting parts delivery to start build. Please not the BOM only covers parts from the OpenBuilds part store. I will be posting the other required items very shortly.

Ox with Gecko Controller and CNC Linux

Dec 26, 2015
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

This build is the documentation of someone with no experience building the OX cnc machine with a Gecko G540 controller and CNClinux

Software speed control of a brushless dc (Bldc) motor from Mach3.

Sep 2, 2014
Circuit - Software Project
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Although this build is typically Mach3 related there is no reason it cannot be adapted for use with any machine control software which provides a PWM spindle control output. As an addition, an option has now been added which will enable the interface to manually control outrunner speed without the need for a PWM signal.

RepRap Tuga

Jan 8, 2014
Other Style 3D Printers

This is a work in progress(not printing yet). Expect this instructions to grow with time, but for now it is mainly interesting for those who want to take part in developing this printer.

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