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FFF 3D printer 2x2x2m

Apr 24, 2017
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The 3D printer will be able to print 2x2x2m components and not just in PLA or ABS. It's not just a DIY printer but I'm trying to apply engineering formulas to make it. I'm going to apply the state of art for 3D printing and scannering existing.

Old Faithful...FDM/CNC machine

Feb 9, 2017
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I've owned some pretty unreliable printers, and I'll leave it at that... This design comes from the need to have a 3D printer that is reliable, period. I didn't have the money for a several thousand dollar 3d printer with an equivalent build area so that was out of the question. Plus as a fledgling Engineer, I really wanted to blood myself on a project. And that's how Old Faithful came to be. A simple, reliable, rigid, durable machine. Made by me :) Also, it'll be tough enough for light CNC.

Delta Bot: Improved DIY 3D Printer

Sep 1, 2015
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Build the efficient and reliable all metal structure 3D Printer. Improved significantly with new concepts for printers. Great quality and up to 400 mm/s print speed (very fast). Built with heated bed, hybrid bowden suspended extruder, and counterweight (tested printing 21 hours straight with no motors hot). Optional smart controller for computerless printing. Print any kind of thermoplastic.


Nov 26, 2013
X/Y Table Style Bots

Proteus is the Greek God of change. Besides the numerous aspect of 3D printing that this could relate to this machine like the god can change. The Build allows for an interchanging head that will allow different functionality to be quickly and easily adapted. So you could print clay, silicon, plastic, cut with a laser cutter or even attach a rotary tool

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