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3D printer for printing Clay/Paste

Aug 10, 2022
X/Y Table Style Bots
Build Progress
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I designed this 3D printer from scratch for my mechanical engineering capstone project. It's made for printing clay but should be able to print any paste material. The clay extruder system could be easily modified to work with almost any 3D printer. The printer is approximately the same size as an Ender 3.

cera.tops Clay 3d Printer

Feb 24, 2020
Other Style 3D Printers
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This 3d printer framework was designed for use with the ceraStruder clay 3D printing extruder. More info coming soon.


Nov 26, 2013
X/Y Table Style Bots

Proteus is the Greek God of change. Besides the numerous aspect of 3D printing that this could relate to this machine like the god can change. The Build allows for an interchanging head that will allow different functionality to be quickly and easily adapted. So you could print clay, silicon, plastic, cut with a laser cutter or even attach a rotary tool

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