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      The XDrive 3d printer design has been evolving over the span of months, this is roughly the 5th major version. XY motion is via step motors connected via 2GT belts to both ends of "X" cross-beam rails, where the carriage and extrude head is at the intersection of the two.

      This uses a Bowden-style filament feed, using a mostly-stock all-metal unit (from Ebay). All of the white and red plastic parts were 3d printed on a Makergear M2 printer. The z-axis drive is via three point leadscrew lifters, driven by a common serpentine 2GT belt.

      This has been a rewarding experience, and many Openbuilds parts have been used in the design.

      I may upload the components at some future date.

      For videos of this in operation please visit my Youtube channel, search for NeilWNC.

      I hope you enjoy this design, and many thanks to the Openbuilds crew for the fine parts and advice.
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