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      Advanced multi-tool desktop factory based on OpenRail.

      Intended to simultaneously operate multiple milling, laser, extrusion (FDM 3D Printing), inkjet (powder 3D printing, 2D coloring), and DLP VLSI lithography tools. Simulations indicate deflection should be 8mm/metricTon of lateral force.

      Opaque walls should be used when ClassIV lasers are operating.

      See render.png for assembly overview, or download free eDrawings viewer for further investigation.

      Platform design complete, awaiting construction.
      1. Special Notes

        Repo at:

        Use the GPLv3 license, not the restrictive CC license. GPLv3 is used to discourage sale of undisclosed 'knockoffs'.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - No Derivs - CC BY NC ND

    Reason for this Build

    Ability to print a layer, then mill or laser trim a layer would be helpful. Also need quick, high-resolution PCB fabrication.

    Inspired by

    Unmet need for a one-stop desktop factory with superior resolution and materials choice.
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