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      Hi everyone.

      I'm Francesco and I'm bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at University of Palermo (Italy). I made my first 3D printer DIY about 2 years ago, with a printer volume of about 400x400x200mm in H-bot configuration. In this time I studied to realize others big volume 3D printers and now I want to make this one.

      It's a 2x2x2m print volume in which I want to develop a 3D scanner for reverse engineering and a chamber to print technical materials like Nylon or other composite plastic materials.

      Today, I'm designing with 3D CAD software the entire printer. I'm using all my know-how with 3D printer and mechanical engineering that I'm still studying to dimension different parts.

      What I'm going to use are v-slot as linear rails and t-slot for frame. The rest of parts for frame are in PLA or ABS at the beginning.The motion platform I want to use is ingentis style in order to reduce mass in movement and consequently move faster the extruder/tool.

      Transmission for XY axis is made by belt and for Z axe is made by trapezoidal screw. The exruder system is in direct configuration and I'm trying to develop an on-board system for multimaterial with one nozzle.

      Now I’m going to dimension all parts and when the 3D CAD will be complete, I’ll proceed printing components and carrying on.

      Hot chamber and 3D scanner will be implemented after printer is done.
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    I build this 3D printer/scanner to make prototypes and molds for composite materials. I want to develope new techniques for production in small series reducing costs and improving mechanical characteristics.
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