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OpenBuilds ACRO System

May 8, 2019
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Build Complete!

The OpenBuilds ACRO System was developed to be the most accurate and cost effective positioning system in its class. The ACRO System incorporates the OpenBuilds V-Slot system and, therefore, has the unique ability to expand to multiple sizes creating a size configuration custom to your needs. Choose the size that best fits your workshop. This versatile system allows for precise positioning of many different mountable tools and attachments.

Modular DIY CNC Machine

Jan 21, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This modular CNC machine is based on the OpenBuilds ACRO System, however I wanted something that did more than just laser engrave. So I designed my machine using the same style as the ACRO but with some upgrades such as an actual Z-axis and the ability for multiple tool attachments.

First build - small scale

Jan 9, 2018
X/Y Table Style CNC Mill
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Using basic standard components, beams, motors, belt drive on x and y, z is a screw. Using Grbl Panel on Windows 10. Really basic router, had trouble getting the controller to turn on the router and set speeds so it is currently wired to a power bar switch so it runs full speed and I just use the switch to turn it on and off. Just getting x, y and z control working properly for now and likely going to switch the router to my dremel 4000 using a 3d printed mounting bracket I got from thingiverse

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