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    1. radiolee
      5 /5,
      great work
    2. budi.r
      5 /5,
      This can build cnc engraving
    3. ijt
      1 /5,
      There must be a mistake with metal selection. My ACRO arrived today. Really disapointed w/OpenBuilds on this one. Been ordering frame parts for several years, and this time they sent cheap PLASTIC for the gantry parts. Cannot believe this. Oh well, everyone nowdays cuts back on quality. I rate this as a near rip-off. Jack
      1. Mark Carew
        Mark Carew's Response
        Hello ijt, The ACRO system is a positioning system who's design is for quick lightweight moves therefore heavy aluminum plates would unnecessarily raise the cost. Lightweight and inexpensive parts were used as a cost effect solution. If you have any questions please contact the Part Store [email protected]
    4. Mark Carew
      C. Tyson Fisk
      5 /5,
      Should be capable; wait till you see the work, that I will adapt it to do...
      1. Mark Carew
        Mark Carew's Response
        Looking forward to it!
    5. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Simple stable well thought out build.
    6. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Sleek, clean and ACRO!!!
    7. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Multysize strong construction and excelent assembly instruction
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