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      "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" and this is OPENDUILD's ACRO model...

      I would like to share the modifications I have made to the original design in order to add a z-axis and try to use a Dremel with this machine.
      The extra weight of the z-axis minimize the maximum speed of the machine , due to vibrations , especially to the 1000mm 2040 v-slot profiles of the y axis , and this was not good especially when I wanted to use my Endurance 10W laser at high speeds.
      For this reason I reinforced the whole frame of the machine...
      There are photos from two different machines , 1010 and 7510.
      At the 7510 instead of bolting a 2020 tslot to each 2040 v-slot of the y axis , I cut in half with the table saw a C-beam , trasforming it to an L-beam !

      The floating z-axis attachement is working with rare earth magnets.

      When I clean a bit the drawings I will upload also the dxf files for the build.

      Thanks a lot !

      .dxf files uploaded !

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