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My Lead 1010

Mar 18, 2024
Other Style CNC Mills
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This is a fully loaded Lead 1010 and located in a shed measuring 3 by 2.50 meters. Here i build my guiyats by hand and the help of my Openbuilds friend! Pure for hobby.

Hyatt and My Journey to Tonehenge

Dec 1, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

I'm conducing guitar loudspeaker cabinet fabrication technique research (material type/thickness, mechanical joints, adhesives, etc) and how these relate to cabinet/speaker coupling and enclosure resonance with respect to psycho-acoustics. Basically, does one speaker cab sound better than another and why?

WorkBee 750x750 build

Apr 19, 2018
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This CNC build is to help with some areas of my guitar builds - mainly inlays but some body work as well where appropriate. I expect it will be used for lots of other things once I get to know what it's capable of (sorry - what I'm capable of!).

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