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Learning how to build

Jun 15, 2020
Delta Mills / Stewart Platforms
Build Progress
Build Complete!

I made a 5x10 foot cnc out of the parts I bought on this site. It's been upgraded and tinkered with ever since. The end goal is to learn enough to learn to build a large 10x10 foot 3d printer.

LYNX - Huge 3D printer

Jan 14, 2016
Cartesian Style Bots
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

I'm basically building a larger version of my crappy wanhao 3d printer. My work was recycling some aluminium extrusion and it broke my heart to see such nice pieces of aluminium engineering being sent to a furnace. Mega 3d printer was born!

HUGE 3D printer build

Jul 8, 2017
X/Y Table Style Bots
Build Progress
Build Complete!

just wanted to share my build of a huge 3d printer. It stands just over 2 meters tall and has a total print area of around 850mm x 850mm.

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