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      So as I'm still waiting for parts after it horrific crash I began working on the wood cabinet, not being my favorite material to work on I think it's not too bad and will clean up pretty well with a good paint job.

      IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0015.JPG

      So the glass is in and its printing pretty well, losing a step every now and again on the Y axis so I've had to wind the speed down pretty low.
      I completely re-designed the extruder because the other one was complete rubbish, now its rocking an E3D V6 and I also have a Volcano which can hotswap.
      She's coming along!!


      DSC04689.JPG DSC04690.JPG


      The custom glass I'm having made is going to be a problem, apparently it keeps cracking in the hardening process because the holes are too close to the edge??mmmmm.

      Anyways; the new Pi display is available which will make one hell of a GUI! So here it is...

      Check this out! had some inspiration looking at air con pipes


      This is my first go at building a 3d printer, my work was throwing out some aluminium extrusion and corner pieces so what else would you do but build a huge 3d printer out of it!!

      Design guide specs were pretty simple, make it fast, minimal parts external from the Cube frame and must have a heated bed and have a MINIMUM of 500*500*500mm build volume.

      I'm currently using 3 * NEMA23's with 10mm lead screws for the Z axis, I originally had 2 however the front and rear of the platform would not reliably move at the same rate and a kind of sticking action took place.

      The Z axis steppers have a common signal due to custom PCB's and parralelling ribbon cables.




      Issues that still need to be addressed,

      Do I use aluminium or glass as bed.
      redesign Y axis stepper mount
      Too much pressure on the Y axis rear rail due to pulling from the stepper. - FIXED
      Extruder fan has no-where to mount. FIXED
      Tidying electronics.
      Building lower cabinet.
      Fixing weird charactors and lines that showup on LCD.
      Re-designing stepper PCB carriages with bigger sized tracks for heavey current and possible. protection fuses.
      LCD mounting.
      Rumba mounting
      Stepper pcb mounting.
      Y axis belt system.
      Hood / roof.
      Replace MDF template with ??? maybe perspex.
      Mount heatbed on perpex ???
      Bite the bullet and stick the heatmat to the heatbed.
      SSR wiring for heatbed.
      some kind of watchdog for the 2KW heatmat , scare's the s&*t out of me leaving it to an arduino.

      Might just have a nap....

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      1. Special Notes

        I would like thank my girlfriend Kate for putting up with 1000's of hours of emotional absence since starting this build, you ROCK!
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    Because I CAN damnit!

    Inspired by

    my piece of crap wanhao
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