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myOX : a 4' x 2' OX CNC with potential

Mar 14, 2016
Cartesian Style CNC
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Build Complete!

This is the story of me building myOX - my version of the "ideal" OX. I want a machine which can route/mill at least 4' wide and as long as I can feed through (don't be shy, think "infinity") as well as going deep on multiple faces - manual 4th axis. I have loads of ideas to take myOX towards that goal and way beyond. Time will tell. Just follow along through this build and possibly a few others along the way ... Check out my OXCalculator : let your computer figure out your BoM

Rostock TETRA V0

Nov 6, 2016
Delta Bots
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This is an experiment to build a Linear Delta Printer using four towers instead of three. Primary reasons: 1. Build area is roughly cubic vs roughly cylindrical 2. Greater speed and precision from additional control provided by fourth tower. 3. Symmetric kinematics from even number of towers.

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