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      Update 2016-11-06:
      The basic frame has been redesigned into an octagon shape to better accommodate the build plate. As currently designed the build dimensions are ~400mmx~400mm with ~490mm arms. The towers are currently ~1000mm. The final version might not stay this big or maybe it will.

      This idea started out as an idea I had in a dream. I immediately sketched down my idea in order to preserve as much of my idea as possible. I went into Fusion 360 and started trying together the idea. At this point I was flying pretty blind because I was just kind of throwing stuff together.
      I started this with a couple of design constraints I wanted to follow:
      1. Make use of all appropriate parts from Open Builds.
      2. Attempt to use arms and effector plate from Rostock Max V3.
      3. 24v Power throughout
      4. 32 bit control board (Smoothieboard or Duet Wifi, etc.)

      As with most kinematic projects the thing here that is really daunting me is the math. I logged on to the Smoothieware IRC and talk to Astalaen and he recommended that I create some kind of model to test and log the kinematics and reverse engineer the math from there.
      At this point I went back to Fusion 360 and created a simplified model with realistic constraints so I could see it work and take measurements on the tower movement for the X,Y position.

      If there is interest I logged all my data in excel and I can post the spreadsheet here.
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    Inspired by

    Adept Quattro, Rostock Max
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