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C-Beam Sphinx

Dec 1, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
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Build Complete!

This is the original C-Beam Sphinx with the 16 wheel X gantry plates. I'm using the Ethernet Smoothstepper, Gecko G540 stepper driver and Mach 4 for motion control.

CNC ESS Controls System

Jan 22, 2019
Everything Else
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

My Controls box to run my Workbee 1510 That was retrofitted with Lead Screws as well as Lineal Bearings. The stock electrical configuration was not enough, so here are the Measures that I took to not only make this machine Run again, but to have fun with it, and make this system be able to run any CNC I run in the future with the installed microcontroller.

Router Box

Dec 21, 2017
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This box is made from tough aluminum with plastic boards, helps hold WiFi Routers, Modems, or/ Ethernet Switches! The aluminum can resist the heat produced by these electronics, and the weight of the electronics, also being light itself. This box is the thing you need to hold your electronic devices!

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