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      Need help holding household your internet/network equipments, such as Modem, Ethernet Switches, and WiFi router? This box will solve the problem. Made from the Open Builds Aluminum pieces, so that the structure is strong, is resistant to heat produced by the electronics.
      First you build three/fourths of a square, and insert a plastic board, then connect the last piece to enclose the board. Then, make 4 bars, going upwards, thus the end is where the second layer would go. Continue on the steps, until desired height or layer is reached. Make sure that the layers are not too low, and is so, add bars to the object can fit. You are then finished with your project!
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    This box was made because of limited space to put the Router, Modems, etc, and so this box was made to hold them with more space, and being strong and durable.
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